SBC Week 7: Visiting

I visited Tristan’s Blog

I commented on his camp post

Hey Tristan,

That’s pretty cool! I’m not exactly sure what an air rifle is, but it sounds cool!


I visited William’s Blog

I commented on his How to be a chef post

Hey William,

Great advice! I love this post and some of the others you’ve posted! Keep up the great blogs!


I visited Callie’s Blog

I commented on her Birthday weekend post

Hey Callie,

Nice! I’m glad you had a good weekend and explained all the details!


I visited Alonya’s Blog

I commented on her Poetry post

Hey Alondra,

Poetry is cool! Emily Dickinson was a very well-known poet and I admire her work!


I visited Aaron’s Blog

I commented on his Overwatch post

Hey Aaron,

Overwatch is a really fun game! Who is your main? Mine is Hanzo

SBC Week 6: Quotes

Activity 1:



“Accept the Challenges so that you can feel the exhilaration of victory” -George S Patton

This quote means that you should take any challenge so that you can feel victorious. If you take a challenge even if you fail, you know that you tried your hardest, and you can still feel victorious, and as Walt Disney said:

“If you can dream it, you can do it” -Walt Disney


Activity 2:

“Students should be able to express themselves, and if they want to with clothing, they are unable to” -Asked to remain anonymous

I like to eat at lunchtime…uh yeah…that’s basically it” -Tyler

School is good because friends are good” -Random second grader I asked on the green space

My school sucks. We have to wear this stupid, hot, itchy uniforms every day” -Kevin (former football teammate)

“I live in Hawaii Kai so I like to hang around Kamiloiki park with my friend” -Jerry (former football teammate)


Activity 3:

I went to Isabella’s Blog  to find a quote. She posted this one:

“What makes you different makes you dangerous” -Veronica Roth, Divergent


I think this quote has meaning because being different could mean that you are dangerous. In movies, the ones who are “different” are usually the dangerous ones. However, let’s look at present-day times. Nikolas Cruz was especially different, but look what happened to him. He ended up shooting a school in Florida before killing himself. However not all different people are dangerous, they just have potential to.








SBC Week 8

Activity 1:

I visited Tyler’s Blog

I commented on his Fortnite post:

Dear Tyler, I enjoy Fortnite. I like all the different maps and different guns. Whats your favorite map?


I visited Araceli’s Blog

I commented on his/her quote post

Dear Araceli, this is a nice post! I enjoy the details you put into this quote. I also enjoy your way of thinking.


I visited Ben’s Blog

I commented on his track post

Dear Ben, Running is pretty cool! I always thought people who ran track must’ve had to practice for hours on end.


Activity 2:


I visited Ben’s Blog

I commented on his soccer post

Hey Ben,

I love soccer too! It was really cool how you incorporated it into a neat poem


I visited Arabella’s Blog

I commented on her flag counter post

Hey Arabella,

That’s pretty neat! A flag counter is always useful!


I visited Mckenna’s Blog

I commented on her World’s Most Hated Pianist post

Hey Mckenna,

I thought this post was amazing. The way you put it into detail was outstanding. I think that it gives the viewer a story that they have probably never heard of before.

SBC Week 5: Unamed

I was originally going to post a conspiracy, but then I thought to myself. They could send me strange things with warnings and consequences like ty @strayedaway on twitter. And if im being honest I know many will just ignore this post, but for those who take time to look at this. The human race may be in danger. That is all I can say. I don’t know what they will do to me if I tell the whole thing. You may want to go check out Shane Dawson’s latest conspiracy video for more info, but I did some searching and found more than Shane ever found.

I wouldn’t even call this a conspiracy. This could be real. And deadly. And it is coming soon. I don’t want to believe in it, but I do. And it scares me. Half to death.



Lima.Oscar.Oscar.Kilo.   Uniform.Papa.    Tango.Whiskey.India.Tango.Tango.Echo.Romeo    Victor.Oscar.India.Charlie.Echo.Mike.Alpha.India.Lima.   Charlie.Oscar.November.Sierra.Papa.India.Romeo.Alpha.Charlie.Yankee


Good luck at survival


SBC Week 4: Think Globally

Activity 1: Women’s Rights

Over the past few years, more and more women have stepped up to take a stand against sexism. For several centuries women were often defined as housemaids, but now, they are even running for president. Every passing day, women are becoming stronger and braver to do things that men never thought that they could do. Sexism is a problem in everyday life, but slowly these sexist people are slowly deteriorating. Women’s rights also are getting better.

Activity 2:

I don’t really think that me or my class has done anything to help with a global issue.



SBC Week 3

Activity 3:

He was running from them. These gladiators armed with steel helmets, gold-plated armor, and leather boots. Equipped with sharp daggers made out of bronze and silver. Their expressions were demeaning. As jack attempted to run, he was no match for the gladiators. That was until he saw the white being descending from the mountains of oth. He ran toward the mountain and: Finish it!

Activity 4:

What does it say?

Activity 9:

Here is my puzzle!


Science isn’t that difficult. Basically just do what Ms. W gives you, and you pass. Sometimes assignments can be difficult, but this year we have been learning about weathering, erosion, and how it affects our planet. We did an experiment about raindrops falling in the dirt to see how it can affect the planet. Here are my notes. Enjoy


Math can be pretty hard at times. This year we’ve been learning Algebra. Most of which contain quadratics, variables, and big equations. There are math projects each trimester. One of which this year was to research colleges we want to attend. Here is my presentation. Enjoy.

Social Studies

In sixth grade, we did a presentation of a place of our choice. I did a presentation on a place on Long Island where I will be moving to East Marion. I enjoyed this project greatly because it was fun. It was also good to inform others on where exactly I will be moving to. So here it is. Enjoy.


My Japanese work

We did a lot of Japanese getting ready for the Keiai Visit. We are also almost finished with the Japanese textbook. So then we are going to prepare for the JST. Learning about Japanese culture and the foods and lifestyle is fun to me. It’s hard to learn about yen though. Anyway here is a Japanese worksheet.